What Was The Outcome Of The Iranian Revolution In 1978 Quizlet?

What was the outcome of the Iranian revolution?

Iran voted by national referendum to become an Islamic republic on 1 April 1979 and to formulate and approve a new theocratic-republican constitution whereby Khomeini became supreme leader of the country in December 1979.

The revolution was unusual for the surprise it created throughout the world..

What was the main cause of the Iranian revolution?

Its causes continue to be the subject of historical debate and are believed to have stemmed partly from a conservative backlash opposing the westernization, modernization and secularization efforts of the Western-backed Shah, as well as from a more popular reaction to social injustice and other shortcomings of the …

What religion was Iran before the revolution?

Prior to the Muslim Arab invasion of Persia (Iran), Zoroastrianism had been the primary religion of Iranian people. Zoroastrians mainly are ethnic Persians and are concentrated in the cities of Tehran, Kerman, and Yazd.

Why did Shah leave Iran?

Faced with an army mutiny and violent demonstrations against his rule, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, the leader of Iran since 1941, is forced to flee the country. … In August 1953, Mohammad Reza attempted to dismiss Mosaddeq, but the premier’s popular support was so great that the shah himself was forced out of Iran.

Why did the United States support the Shah of Iran quizlet?

Iran was caught in the larger battle between the US and USSR during the Cold War, and became an important ally for the US. Iran shared a border with the Soviet Union, and so was logistically important. … So the US supported the Shah of Iran, even though he was a dictator because he was anti-communist.

Which factor has served as a bond among Arab countries in the Middle East?

Africa and the Middle East (1945-Present)QuestionAnswerWhat has served as a bond among Arab countries in the Middle East?hostility towards IsraelWhich factor was mainly responsible for the mass killings in Rwanda and Burundi in the mid-1990’s?ethnic conflict15 more rows

What was the result of the Iranian revolution of 1979 quizlet?

Terms in this set (13) (The revolution of 1979 ended the westernization and modernization of Iran, and set up a traditional government and society based upon the Koran.) (The Iran-Iraq War occurred between 1980 and 1988. … This ultimately led to the revolution that removed him from power.)

What happened between the US and Iran in 1979?

On 4 November 1979, the revolutionary group Muslim Student Followers of the Imam’s Line, angered that the recently deposed Shah had been allowed into the United States, occupied the American embassy in Tehran and took American diplomats hostage. The 52 American diplomats were held hostage for 444 days.

What was Iran called before 1979?

In the Western world, Persia (or one of its cognates) was historically the common name for Iran. On the Nowruz of 1935, Reza Shah asked foreign delegates to use the Persian term Iran (meaning the land of Aryans in Persian), the endonym of the country, in formal correspondence.

When did Iran convert to Islam?

650 ADIslam was brought to Iran via Arab-Islamic conquest in 650 AD and has played a shifting, anomalous role in this nation-state ever since. The ideas of nationalism, secularism, religion, and revolution are unique in this Muslim country.

How does the Iranian revolution impact Marji and her family?

During the Iranian Revolution of 1979, Marji and her family are frightened by the angry protests as they fear for their safety. … Some of their family friends flee the country; others are arrested and tortured: “Executions took place daily and everyone was afraid. The new government adopted even more repressive laws.”

What event launched the Islamic Revolution in Iran quizlet?

The demonstrations of June 5 and 6, 1963, in Iran (also called the uprising, or the events of June 1963) were a protest against the arrest of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini after a speech by him attacking Iranian Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and Israel.