What Is Micro Planning?

What are the disadvantages of micro teaching?

Micro teaching skills disadvantages – DemeritsLack of proper planning conveys an undesired and unrelated concept.The teaching strategy utilized in the microteaching session to teach a small group of students fails in some situations while handling a large group of students.More items…•.

What is Micro Planning Education?

Micro-planning is defined by its relationship with macro-planning. It is the expression of a desire to improve the operation of the education system by strengthening the planning work done at regional and local levels. It is a planning process that focuses on local characteristics and needs and builds local capacities.

What is macro and micro planning?

To recap: Macro-planning is all about the bigger picture and the long-term vision. Micro-planning, however, is a surefire way to get bogged down in unnecessary details — meaning you might never achieve your end goal.

What are the steps involved in micro planning?

Micro planning is a method of decentralized planning. The planning stages consist of plan formulation, investment programming, budgeting, plan implementation and plan monitoring and evaluation.

What is micro plan in polio?

DEFINITION OF A MICROPLAN A microplan is a population-based set of components for delivering health-care interventions – in this case, supplementary polio vaccination for every child aged under 5 years.

What are advantages of micro teaching?

Microteaching has several advantages. It focuses on sharpening and developing specific teaching skills and eliminating errors. It enables understanding of behaviours important in classroom teaching. It increases the confidence of the learner teacher.

What are the principles of micro teaching?

Underlying Principles of Micro teaching:One skill at one time: Skills in microteaching are targeted one at a time. … Small scale content: Limiting the content gives more freedom and ease to the trainees. … Practice makes a man perfect: … Experiments: … Instantaneous feedbacks: … Self-evaluation opportunities: … Continuous efforts:

What are the levels of planning in education?

One of divisions of educational planning levels is planning at mega, micro and macro, institution, plan or project levels. Planning at mega level is long-term or mid-term plans as designed by international organizations. Planning at macro level is the planning considered at national or country level.

What are the cause of polio?

Polio is caused by the poliovirus. The virus enters the body through the mouth. It is spread through contact with the feces (stool) of an infected person or through exposure to phlegm or mucus when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

What is micro teaching skills?

Some of the skills of Microteaching techniques are : Skill of Introducing, Skill of Questioning, Skill of Explaining, Skill of Black-board Writing, and Skill of Achieving Closure.