What Does Mr Frank Mean When He Says Of Anne She Puts Me To Shame?

Why does Anne find it difficult to destroy the Star of David?

Why did Anne Find it difficult to destroy the Star of David.

Anne Frank wanted to be an artist and writer.

But, she was not able to do this because she was a Jew.

So she began writing her ideas in her diary..

What do Anne’s thoughts tell the audience about her nature?

What do Anne’s thoughts tell the audience about her nature? They tell she has two sides,she doesn’t want to get made fun of,if she is serious,it says she is mature.

How long was Anne Frank in hiding?

761 daysAnne Frank spent 761 days in the Secret Annex. Although each day was different from the last, there was a certain rhythm to life in the Secret Annex. Based on Anne’s diary and a few of her short stories, we can reconstruct what typical weekdays and Sundays in the Secret Annex would have been like.

What does Anne mean when she says that she wants to keep on living after she dies Why is this hope ironic?

Explain the irony of “I want go on living even after my death.” This is an irony because although Anne wanted to live after her death and died, she does live on after her death because of her famous diary that is being read throughout the country today.

What reason did Mr Van Daan give for selling the coat What was his real reason?

Van Daan decides to give/sell the coat because there are many people outside in great need of clothing. Therefore he thinks its very selfish for Mrs. Van Daan to keep it if others use it when she doesn’t.

Why does Mr Dussel want Mr Frank to answer the phone why won’t Mr Frank answer it?

66. Why does Dussel want Mr. Frank to answer the telephone? -He thinks Miep is calling to warn them of danger.

Who betrayed the Franks?

“We consider Gerard Kremer’s book as a tribute to his parents, based on what he remembers and has heard. In 2016, the Anne Frank House carried out research into the arrest of the Frank family and the other four people in hiding in the secret annex. “Ans van Dijk was included as a potential traitor in this study.

What were Anne Frank’s last words?

In her final entry, Frank wrote of how others perceive her, describing herself as “a bundle of contradictions.” She wrote: “As I’ve told you many times, I’m split in two. One side contains my exuberant cheerfulness, my flippancy, my joy in life and, above all, my ability to appreciate the lighter side of things.

Why does Anne rage at Mr Frank?

In Scene 1 of The Diary of Anne Frank, Act II, why does Anne rage at Mrs. Frank? Anne thinks that Mrs. Frank is unfair, insensitive, and lacking in understanding.

Do you think Mr and Mrs Frank would like Anne to be more like Margot?

Mrs. frank wanted Anne to be more like Margot since she was well mannered, while Mr. Frank wanted Anne to stay herself.

Why do Mr and Mrs Frank speak German in Scene 4?

Why does Mr. and Mrs. Frank speak in German? It is easier for them to communicate in German.

Why does Mr Van Daan want to get rid of Peter’s cat?

When Dussel acted sick, Peter revealed that he wasn’t even holding a cat. Mr. Van Daan tells Dussel that they are getting rid of their son’s cat. He doesn’t like the cat either, feeling that the cat eats their food and Peter spends too much time with it.

What does Mr Van Daan want to sell to get money for cigarettes?

Mr. Van Daan is selling her fur coat so he can get some cigarettes and it’s her last prized possession and she loves it dearly.

What does Peter mean in this conversation with Anne in the diary of Anne Frank Act II?

He means that the situation is worse because Anne is there. He means that it doesn’t matter whether or not Anne is there. He means that the situation is better because Anne is there. … In The Diary of Anne Frank, Act II, why doesn’t Anne take her diary with her when the Nazis come to take the families and Mr.

What was the date of Anne Frank’s last diary entry?

5 December 1942The last entry is dated 5 December 1942. By then, she had been in hiding in the Secret Annex for five months. The diary was not completely filled, there still were several empty pages. Anne added some texts at later dates, for instance on 2 May 1943 and on 22 January 1944.

Why would Mr kraler want to speak with Mr Frank privately?

Kraler wanted to speak privately with Mr. Frank. She just somehow knew it was bad news. Q.

Why is Mr Van Daan upset at the beginning of Scene 2?

Van Daan upset at the beginning of scene 2? She’s nervous that Miep and Mr. Frank hadn’t arrived yet. Describe some ways Miep helps to prepare their hiding place.

What is a climactic crisis?

A climactic moment in a story or a series of events is one in which a very exciting or important event occurs.