What Are The Basic Makeup Brushes You Need?

How do I choose makeup brushes?

There’s one simple test to find a durable and high-quality brush: Rub it against your skin.

The bristles should feel soft, not rough or scratchy.

To test the strength of the bristles, run the brush against your hand to see if any fibers fall out.

If they do, don’t buy it..

What are the names of makeup brushes?

Types of Makeup Brushes: The Complete Guide to Makeup Brush Names & UsesGeneral Face Brushes:Powder Brush.Tapered Foundation Brush.Stippling Brush.Kabuki Brush.Contour Brush.Silicone Blender.Beauty Blender.More items…

What are different types of makeup brushes used for?

Different Types Of Makeup BrushesFoundation Brush. The primary function of a foundation brush is to facilitate the smooth application of your base or foundation onto the skin. … Concealer Brush. A concealer brush is perfect for spot correction. … Stippling Brush. … Angled Blush Brush. … Powder Brush. … Angled Brush. … Contour Brush. … Highlight Fan Brush.More items…•

How do you do basic makeup for beginners?

Step 1: Moisturizer. Before you begin applying your makeup, take the time to prep your skin with a high-quality moisturizer. … Step 2: Primer. … Step 3: Liquid Foundation. … Step 4: Concealer. … Step 5: Foundation Powder. … Step 6: Bronzer. … Step 7: Blush. … Step 8: Highlighter.More items…

How many makeup brushes do you need?

You truly only need a 3-4 brushes if you are a beginner – a flat eyeshadow brush, a crease brush, eyeliner brush and a blush/powder bronzer brush. That’s it!!! However, once you are beyond the beginner level there are a few more brushes that come in useful and will complete your set.

What is the correct way to apply makeup?

How to Apply Makeup: The Complete Step-by-Step Guidestep 1: facial cleanser. The first step in your skin care routine should be washing your face. … step 2: face scrub. … step 3: moisturizer. … STEP 1: PRIMER. … STEP 2: COLOR CORRECT. … STEP 3: CONCEALER. … STEP 4: FOUNDATION. … STEP 5: BRONZER, BLUSH, AND/OR HIGHLIGHTER.More items…

What is the best makeup brush set to buy?

Top 10 Makeup Brush Sets of 2020 ReviewedReal Techniques Core Collection.Sigma Beauty – Basic Face Brush Kit, 5 Piece Make-up Brush Set.Matto Make-up Brushes.Bobbi Brown Basic Brush Collection.DUcare Make-up Brushes 27Pcs Professional Make-up Brush Set.Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair 5-Piece Brush Set.More items…•

What are all my makeup brushes for?

What Face Makeup Brush Is Used for Each Product?For Foundation: Use a Tapered Brush. … For Foundation: Use a Rounded Brush. … For Primer: Use a Face Primer Brush. … For Concealer: Use a Precision Concealer Brush. … For Setting Powder: Use a Loose Powder Brush. … For Blush: Use a Blush Brush. … For Contour: Use a Contour Brush.More items…•

How many different types of makeup brushes are there?

Types of Professional Makeup BrushesPowder Brush. long, fluffy bristles. … Bronzer Brush. soft, full and rounded. … Concealer Brush. flat brush, wide base, pointed tip, soft bristles. … Face Contour Brush. slanted and rounded shape with firmer bristles. … Eyeshadow Brush. … Blending Eye Brush. … Eyeliner Brush. … 2-in-1 Defining Brush.More items…•

What are the basic makeup items?

Beauty Basics: Makeup Essentials for BeginnersFoundation. Just like artists who must prime before painting, you too must start with a clean canvas. … Concealer. … Bronzer. … Eyeliner. … Mascara. … Neutral Eyeshadow Palette. … Brow Pencil. … A Nude and a Bold Lip Color.