Quick Answer: What Is The Definition Of The Word Complex?

What is the meaning of sufficiently complex?


1 enough to meet a need or purpose; adequate.

2 (Logic) (of a condition) assuring the truth of a statement; requiring but not necessarily required by some other state of affairs..

How do you deal with an inferiority complex person?

Avoid People who make you Feel Low: If you identify such individuals, try your best to stay away from them as much as possible. Unfortunately, there are even close family members who sometimes deal and trouble those with an inferiority complex directly. Whenever possible, avoidance is a good strategy.

What is another word for complex?

other words for complexcomplicated.convoluted.composite.compound.conglomerate.manifold.motley.multiple.

What’s another word for sufficiently?

What is another word for sufficiently?adequatelyenoughquiteratherreasonablymoderatelyrelativelydecentlyacceptablyfairly45 more rows

What does feeling complexed mean?

An Inferiority complex is a psychological term used to describe people with intense feelings of inadequacy, often resulting the belief that one is in some way deficient, or inferior, to others. … An inferiority complex may cause an individual to overcompensate in a number of ways.

What does it mean to give somebody a complex?

an emotional problem caused by unreasonable fears or worries. have/develop a complex about something: I used to have a complex about being in crowds. give someone a complex: If you keep telling her she’s clumsy, you’ll give her a complex.

What is an example of a complex problem?

Examples include climate change, world poverty, the global financial crisis, child abuse, terrorism and drug abuse. Each of these examples of complex problems impact directly on individuals, families and communities and have implications for the lives of real people.

What it means to be a complex human being?

If you’re looking for a simple definition, a complex personality is a person who forms his own opinions, questions everything, is naturally curious, is fluid in terms of his beliefs and points of views, and is not dependent on external constructs to decide how he/she might react in a particular social setting.

How do you use complex sentences?

A complex sentence has one independent clause and at least one dependent clause. This means that the clauses are not equal, they use a co-ordinating conjunction that changes the rank of one or more of the clauses to make it less equal. For example; My Dad laughed when I told a joke.

What type of word is sufficient?

adjective. adequate for the purpose; enough: sufficient proof; sufficient protection.

Is being complex a good thing?

Being complex in itself doesn’t make you good or bad. Being a complex personality, you can either let your intelligence drive you or drive it yourself. The day you let your curiosity turn against you, is the day your complexity becomes bad, not only for you but for others around you as well.

What is an example of sufficient?

The definition of sufficient is enough or as much as is needed. An example of sufficient is when you have just enough food.

What is the meaning of the word complex?

complex, complicated, intricate, involved, knotty mean having confusingly interrelated parts.

Is complex a negative connotation?

As a result, “complicated” sometimes has a negative connotation, effectively meaning “unnecessarily complex.”

What is an inferiority complex symptoms?

Symptoms of inferiority complex go beyond occasional bouts of low self-esteem or worries about your abilities; they are persistent. Some common symptoms include: Feeling insecure, incomplete, or unworthy. Withdrawal from everyday activities and social situations. Comparing yourself with others.