Quick Answer: What Did Mr Dussel Do For A Living Before Going Into Hiding?

How does Mr Frank feel about Mr Dussel hiding with them?

frank feel about having mr.

dussel hide with them.


frank feel comfortable and fine with him..

Why did Mr Frank leave Amsterdam?

Frank told Miep he was leaving to Amsterdam because he doesn’t want to be reminded of all of the bad things that was happening and has happened.

What kind of person is Mr Dussel?

Albert Dussel A dentist and an acquaintance of the Franks who hides with them in the annex. His real name is Fritz Pfeffer, but Anne calls him Mr. Dussel in the diary.

What does Mr Dussel do for a living in the outside world?

Dussel do for a living? Mr. Dussel is a dentist.

Where does Mr Dussel sleep?

Mr. Dussel sleeps behind a curtain in the common room.

Why does Mr Frank help the van daans by sharing his hiding place?

Frank invite the Van Daans to join his family in hiding? Because Mr. … Frank when he came to Germany, it was difficult due to the language barrier, but Mr. Van Daan helped him.

What made the inhabitants of the secret annex afraid for their lives?

Hunger, loneliness and fear Many people in hiding went hungry, as did the residents of the Secret Annex, who were faced with scarce supplies and a lack of food, particularly during the last years of the war. In addition, hiding could be mentally exhausting.

What activity does Mr Dussel long for?

Dussel longs for. Go back to his dentist’s drill. Name an activity Anne longs for. Many things, but mainly back in school with her friends.

What dangerous activity is Mr Dussel involved in?

What is Mr. Dussel doing that is very dangerous? Playing classical music very loudly. Writing letters to people outside of the Secret Annex.

Why didn’t Mr Dussel’s wife join him in the secret annex?

Why didn’t Mr. Dussel’s wife, Lotje, join him in the Secret Annexe? She was out of the country when the war broke out. During their first year in hiding, what did Daddy do on St.

Why does Mr Dussel come to live in the attic?

He wants to remember his family and look at the place he last saw them. Why are the people in the attic so afraid of the thief? They are afraid that if the Nazis catch the thief, he may betray the people in the attic to stay out of jail. … Dussel joins the families, what is Mr.

What disturbing radio announcement do they hear?

The disturbing radio announcement that they heard is that Turkey enters the war, and the German soldiers were proud to be wounded, and the more wounds the better.

What made Anne so afraid that she crawled into her father’s room in the middle of the night?

Why does Anne crawl into her father’s room in the middle of the night? She is afraid of rats. She cannot sleep because of Mr.

What happened to Mr Voskuijl?

On 15 June 1943, Anne Frank wrote: “It is a disaster for us that good old Voskuyl won’t be able to keep us in touch with all that goes on, and all he hears in the warehouse. He was our best helper and security adviser; we miss him very much indeed.” Johannes Voskuijl died in Amsterdam on 27 November 1945.

What news does Dussel bring the families?

What news does Dussel bring from the outside? Jews are being rounded up by the Nazis and sent to concentration camps. Many people who the Franks know have been deported. The situation is bad.

Why does Mr Dussel think the Franks had escaped to Switzerland?

Why did everyone think mr Frank escaped to Switzerland ? … Do you think mr dussel will get along with Anne? Why? Yes, because he gets along well with children and works with them in his office.

Who snitched on the Franks?

Willem Van MaarenFor decades suspicion centred on a man called Willem Van Maaren, who worked in the warehouse attached to the Franks’ hiding place. But two police investigations – one immediately after the war and another in the 1960s – turned up nothing and Van Maaren died in 1971 professing his innocence.

Did Anne Frank get her diary for her birthday?

On 12 June 1942, Anne was given a diary for her thirteenth birthday.