Question: What Was I Thinking Of Meaning?

What’s the difference between thinking of you and thinking about you?

“think about you” has a few more implications of active, conscious thought, a train of thought leading through some series of conclusions.

You could quantify the difference by saying that “of” implies a train of thought that led to “you”, whereas “about” implies that the train of thought revolves around “you”..

Is it think of or think off?

No, Marius, “of” is needed for that meaning, except with “wh”-complements, e.g.: “I can’t think what to do,” “I can’t think where he left it.” No, the “think of” in “think of something off the top of one’s head” does not mean “think about.” It means “conceive of,” “imagine,” “come up with,” etc.

Is it correct to say thinking of you?

“Thinking of” + Gerund = the Correct Expression “We’re thinking of getting a new car, soon.” “We’re thinking of moving to another city, next year.” “What a coincidence, I was just thinking of calling you !” … For instance we would say “I’m thinking of you”, we wouldn’t use “to you” here!

What is Thinkup?

informal. : to use one’s mind to form or invent (something) Quick! We have to think up an excuse. They thought up a new way of raising money for charity.

What’s the word when you think highly of yourself?

egocentric. adjectivethinking very highly of oneself. conceited. egoistic.

What does thinking highly of yourself mean?

When you think of yourself as creative, passionate, interesting, valuable, unique and genuine, those positive expectations will be expressed in your life. … Thinking highly of yourself doesn’t mean you have to be arrogant or elitist.

What does think highly of someone mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthink highly of somebody/somethingthink highly of somebody/something (also think a lot of somebody/something) to admire or respect someone or something Your boss must think highly of you if she gives you so much responsibility.

Is it OK to say thinking of you?

It’s hard to go wrong by letting your friend or loved one know you’ve been thinking about them. In fact, it’s pretty much an automatic feel-good message. “I’ve been thinking about you.”

What are you thinking of or about?

“Think about” is used when you’re actively considering something or concentrating on the thought of it. Ex. Let me think ABOUT it. On the other hand, “think of” is used when the idea comes to you.

What does think out mean?

phrasal verb. If you think something out, you consider all the aspects and details of it before doing anything or making a decision.

How do you say you think highly of someone?

think highly of / synonymsdefer to. phr. & v.venerate. v.prize. v.idolize. v.look up to. idi. & phr.adore. v.revere. v.treasure. v.More items…