Question: What Does It Mean To Be High Class?

What is a high class problem?

High class problems are problems that occur because you solved most of the initial problems.

High class problems are the problems of success..

What’s another word for high class?

Similar words for high-class: classy (adjective) cultured (adjective) fashionable (adjective) first-class (adjective)

What is top quality?

Top-quality definitions Of the highest quality; extremely good.

What does high class girl mean?

1. of very good quality; superior: a high-class grocer. 2. (Sociology) belonging to, associated with, or exhibiting the characteristics of an upper social class: a high-class lady; a high-class prostitute.

What is a high class person?

The term upper class refers to a group of individuals who occupy the highest place and status in society. These people are considered the wealthiest, lying above the working and middle class in the social hierarchy.

What is higher class income?

The 2018 piece from Pew reported that, in 2016, the median income for the upper-income class was $187,872. While for the middle class, it was $78,442, and for the lower class, it was $25,624 (in 2016 dollars; figures reflect a three-person household).