Is Undeveloped A Word?

What is an undeveloped country?

An underdeveloped country is a country characterized by widespread chronic poverty and less economic development than other nations.

These countries have very low per capita income, and many residents live in very poor conditions, including lacking access to education and health care..

What is the most undeveloped country?

The Poorest Countries in the WorldDemocratic Republic of Congo. 2017 GDP per Capita: USD 439. … Mozambique. 2017 GDP per Capita: USD 429. … Uganda. 2017 GDP per Capita: USD 726. … Tajikistan. 2017 GDP per Capita: USD 777. … Yemen. 2016 GDP per Capita: USD 762. … Haiti. 2017 GDP per Capita: USD 776. … Ethiopia. 2016 GDP per Capita: USD 884. … Tanzania. 2017 GDP per Capita: USD 1037.More items…

What can I do with undeveloped land?

50 Surprisingly Creative Uses for Vacant LandBuild a Spec House. In times when the demand for housing is strong and real estate markets are booming, building a single-family house, duplex or multi-family dwelling could be the best use for your vacant parcel of land. … Community Garden. … Wildlife Preservation. … Tiny Houses. … Farming. … Recreation. … Education. … Harvest Timber.More items…

How do you spell underdeveloped?

adjective. improperly or insufficiently developed.

What is underdevelopment and its causes?

Unemployment; Poverty; child marriage; Injustice; High population growth rate; illiteracy; Corruption; High Dependence on Agriculture; Economic inequality; Corruption; Lack of structural, institutional and technical change.

What is the opposite of undeveloped?

Antonyms: mature, developed, formulated, matured. Synonyms: unexploited. unexploited, undeveloped(adj)

Is Underdeveloped a real word?

underdeveloped | Business English having little or no modern industry, few modern services, and a weak economy: Many of these regions are very underdeveloped.

Is wild and undeveloped synonyms?


Why are undeveloped countries poor?

While the life expectancy of developed countries is typically in the 70s and 80s, underdeveloped countries often have life expectancies in the low 50s. This is common in African nations and is due to high birthrates and low contraception use, poor access to health care and potable water, lack of education and disease.

Should I buy undeveloped land?

Because the price of land today has the potential to become more valuable in coming years, buying and holding onto undeveloped land has the potential to earn viable returns for investors, especially in the long-term. In addition, there are various options for investors to purchase raw land below market value.

Can you live on undeveloped land?

Since undeveloped land doesn’t, by definition, have utility connections, you can live off-the-grid if you want to. You could even build a series of interconnected cabins instead of a house, if you prefer. It’s your land and you’ll be able to configure it however you want within your community’s limits.

What is the difference between undeveloped and underdeveloped?

The word ‘undeveloped’ means one that has not yet started developing. The word ‘underdeveloped’ means one that has started developing but has not completely developed. The seed was in an undeveloped state.

What does undeveloped land mean?

Undeveloped, or raw, land has no utilities, no structure or pre-defined building site and no intra-parcel roads. In a nutshell, it lacks all the components of an urban development. Some people also include farmland, ranges and forest in the raw land category. … – Farmland is land that is not developed for urban use.

What do you mean by undeveloped economy?

An underdeveloped economy is an economy characterised by. Low GDP per capita. Perhaps less than $2,000 a year. Low levels of infrastructure – education, transport and health care. Low levels of human development.

What is a synonym for new?

Some common synonyms of new are fresh, novel, and original. While all these words mean “having recently come into existence or use,” new may apply to what is freshly made and unused, what has not been known before, or what has not been experienced before.

What is a synonym for lacking?

In this page you can discover 62 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for lacking, like: wanting, devoid of, needed, deprived of, missing, absent, deprived, desiderative, destitute, devoid and fictional.

What is another word for undeveloped?

In this page you can discover 50 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for undeveloped, like: untrained, archaic, puny, precede, untaught, incipient, unactualized, inexperienced, latent, abeyant and abortive.

Which country is most poor in world?

Percent of population living on less than $1.90, $3.20 and $5.50 a dayCountry< $1.90ContinentChina0.5%AsiaColombia4.1%South AmericaComoros17.6%AfricaCongo, Democratic Republic of the76.6%Africa73 more rows